Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Raven | graphic novel review | The Book Spooktacular

Hello, book spooks! 
Today I'll be reviewing Raven a graphic novel about a Teen Titan character. She seems like a fitting character for celebrating October.

It's a video. I had edited it with my earbuds and only realized how quiet it is. I'm sorry about that and my sputtering around for words. I'm trying to work on speaking more clearly, and apparently, I need to be louder for the video too. So yeah, I'm definitely taking notes for improvement. XD

Have you read any good graphic novels? 

Don't forget to visit Ink Castles October 18th, this Friday. Skye has a Lockwood and Co. post planned!

Monday, October 14, 2019

The Autumn List | Book Spooktacular Link Up

Hello, book spooks! Welcome to the first day of Book Spooktacular!

Skye from Ink Castles and I are collaborating to bring you autumn content, bookish and otherwise. Here's the schedule.

Today, we offer you a link up about your favorite autumn things. It'll be open until October 31st. The rules are simple: make your own post with your answers to the questions and sign the link with the url to your post so we can call read it and love it!

The Autumn List

1) movie with all the autumn vibes 

2) song that you associate with autumn

3) book with ghosts

4) scariest movie you've seen

5) the best autumn quote

6) book cover with all the autumn vibes

7) your favorite candy of the season

8) movie or book with themes on death and rebirth

9) YouTube channel you associate with autumn

10) your favorite fall beverage

Have an awesome day!

Friday, October 11, 2019

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman | a tribute

Yes, weird things are happening on this blog [look, we're all mad here. get with it or get out . . . while you still can]. Since I don't see a need to review a book that's been published for some time and written by a well-known author, I thought I'd give you a sort of aesthetic/tribute.

Whatever this is, it's something you make up as you go along because that's what I'm doing.
[all quotes are from the book, obviously]

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

Sporadic and excitement among everyday static. Includes travel, art, inspiration, uniqueness, and one-of-a kind

rushing about for ordinary things | in ordinary ways | shoved along the fast crowd | fast as the London tube | ordinary mistakes | London keeps moving | until a door tumbles open 

"It was a city in which the very old and the awkwardly new jostled each other, not uncomfortably, but without respect."

"London grew into something huge and contradictory. It was a good place, and a fine city, but there is a price to be paid for all good places, and a price that all good places have to pay."

A rainy day in London, a beauty to lay eyes on. NYCTOPHILIA: (n.) love of darkness or night. finding relaxation or comfort in darkness.

"but no one lived in the City now. It was a cold and cheerless place of offices, of people who worked in the day and went home to somewhere else at night."

Jewel Toned Walls, green door

black, door, and dimensions image

ordinary life's overwhelming | if London Above's too much | try London Below | it's a scream
and always eat your breakfast | it makes impossible things more digestible

"As a child, Richard had had nightmares in which he simply wasn't there, in which, no matter how much noise he made, no matter what he did, nobody ever noticed him at all. He began to feel like that now, as people pushed in front of him."

ISOLATIONS: Prawdziwa historia Love Will Tear us Apart - największego przeboju Joy Division

"His feet hurt, and his eyes stung, and he knew that soon enough he would wake up from today and a proper Monday, a sensible Monday, a decent, honest Monday would begin."

"His life so far, he decided, had prepared him perfectly for a job in Securities, for shopping at the supermarket, for watching football on the telly at the weekends, for turning on a heater if he got cold. It had magnificently failed to prepare him for a life as an un-person on the roofs and in the sewers of London, for a life in the cold and the wet and the dark."

"It was then that Richard began to laugh; he couldn't help himself. There was hysteria in there, certainly, but there was also the exhaustion of someone who had managed, somehow, to believe several dozen impossible things in the last twenty-four hours, without ever getting a proper breakfast. His laughter echoed down the tunnels."

(Open RP I'm girl) I sit on my mat and hug a plushie. I hated going out to the surface. People were scary out there. But i needed supplies After the apocalypse, everything had changed. At least that's what people said. I didn't really know. I stick a disc into a screen and sit back to watch. I loved my artifacts. I jump, hearing a clatter.

times and spaces in mixed places | mind the rats of the underworld | the forgotten and lost | collected together | Welcome to the Floating Market

Disasters STALKER apocalyptic train sci-fi wallpaper background

"'Lovely fresh dreams. First-class nightmares. We got 'em. Get yer lovely nightmares here.'"

"A man in armour beat a small drum, and chanted as he did so, 'Lost Property. Roll up, roll up, and see for yourself. Lost property. None of your found muck here. Everything guaranteed properly lost.'"

"Richard began to understand darkness: darkness as something solid and real, so much more than a simple absence of light. He felt it touch his skin, questing, moving, exploring: gilding through his mind. It slipped into his lungs, behind his eyes, into his mouth . . ."

"It felt not so much as if the lights were being turned down, but as if the darkness were being turned up. Richard blinked, and opened his eyes on nothing -- nothing but darkness, complete and utter."

"'What's happening?' whispered Richard.
"'Darkness is happening.'"

superthumb.webp (300×250)

The Doors of Death remain firmly closed.

each tube station a world to itself | where are you going | don't get lost | Croup and Vandemar on your heels | prowling close | what's this about angels? | find the key | death too close | don't get lost 

Trendy photography black and white ideas lights Ideas #photography

They wore black suits, which were slightly greasy, slightly frayed, and even Richard, who counted himself among the sartorially dyslexic, felt there was something odd about the cut of the coats."

"It was too consistent, too steady and inexorable a walk to be considered as a stroll: Death walks like Mr Vandemar."

"I told you we shouldn't have done this!" "We got the information we came for didn't we? Now quit your whining and run!" -Jensen and Bella {Mallory Barlow}

"'Crows. Family corvidae. Collective noun,' intoned Mr Croup, relishing the sounds of the word: 'a murder.'"

"'What,' asked Mr Croup, 'do you want?'
"'What, asked the Marquis de Carabas, a little more rhetorically, 'does anyone want?'
"'Dead things,' suggested Mr Vandemar, 'Extra teeth.'"

don't focus on the past

"Richard did not believe in angels. He never had believed in angels. He was damned if he was going to start now. Still, it was much easier not to believe in something when it was not actually looking directly at you, and saying your name."


"Door folded her arms, and stood taller, putting her head back raising her pointed chin. She looked less like a ragged street-pixie; more like someone used to getting her own way."

"Door paused on the stage, wondering how to make the guards let Richard go. She went over to the microphone, went up on tiptoes, and she screamed, as loud as she possibly could, into the public-address system. She had a remarkable scream: it could, with no artificial assistance, go through your head like a new power drill with a bone-saw attachment. And amplified . . . It was simply unearthly."

[article in Lithuanian] Pomirtiniai išgyvenimai patiriami, kai sielą sudarančios kvantinės substancijos palieka organizmo nervų sistemą ir susilieja su visata. Tokią teoriją iškėlė du garsūs mokslininkai, viena iš kurių yra kvantinės fizikos ekspertas, seras Rodžeris Penrouzas (Roger Penrose), kitas – neurologas Stiuartas Hamerofas (Stuart Hameroff). Pagal šią idėją, išeitų, jog sąmonė yra smegenyse veikiančio kvantinio ...

you want to go home | do you know where home is | above or below 

Tumblr Detail | Chase Jarvis Blog. By Dragan Todorović

"'I'm fine,' lied Richard bravely, to no one in particular."

Bill Brandt  London, circa 1937  From The Photography of Bill Brandt

"But the most important thing for you to understand is this: all things want to open. You must feel that need, and use it."

"and, somewhere in her heart, she lets it be what it wants to be. There is a loud click, and the padlock opens."

@hagh_apparel on twitter   Hold on and don't let go!  #hope #art #graphics #black #white #fighter #quotes #quoteoftheday #feelings  #believe


"'Sorry . . . . Wrong London.'"

modern life is rubbish ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring pictures, pics, backgrounds, photos and fillers

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